More About Our Half Day EU Funding Arena Seminar

Research Management’s open-enrollment seminar on innovating in the EU funding arena is offered at regular intervals.

Why this seminar: The EU funding arena is a unique and invaluable public asset for kick-starting and facilitating collaborative innovation and research across the EEA. But it is underutilized. The up-front investment of resources necessary to be competitive is increasingly prohibitive, and the very low proposal success rate in Horizon 2020 is discouraging. Research Management has developed a higly strategic approach to the arena that can alter this state of affairs and pay off for all. This seminar shows why it makes sense for everyone to innovate in the EU funding arena, and how to do so in the smartest way.

Who will benefit: Professionals in any organization, public or private, with a need to innovate. This includes innovation and research managers, advisors, administrators and support personnel, at all levels of EU funding arena experience, and any other European stakeholders promoting innovation and research.

What you will learn: How best to utilize the EU funding arena to reach your own and your organization’s innovation goals and objectives.

Topics covered: The EU funding arena as a public asset for innovation: what we mean by the EU funding arena; perspectives on innovation and why the arena itself is an innovation asset that should be used by all. How to effectively leverage the EU funding arena and make it work for you: define your own innovation and improvement goals and objectives in relation to the arena and stick to your plan for achieving them; nuance your strategy in relation to EU project acquisition. How to make your efforts in the EU funding arena pay off: decide at what level you want to participate; understand your collaboration partners; understand the Commission; anticipate what you need to get out of a proposal submission, a consortium agreement and grant agreement for an initiative to sufficiently advance your interests; spend the optimum amount of time on the proposal and on project administration and reporting; manage the financial risks; be ready for audits.

Research Management can also offer you an individually arranged, private EU funding arena group seminar tailored to fit your own strategic development needs. Contact us for more information!