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Research Management works in innovation and knowledge transfer, technology development and project management. Incorporated in Norway since 2007, we partner with collaboration-minded individuals and organizations to tackle key societal challenges. Our main goal with our seminar activities is to contribute to increased and more effective participation in the EU Funding arena to stimulate innovation and research benefitting European stakeholders.
Research Management seminars are organized by Dr. James P. Rydock, who has more than 15 years’ experience in the EU funding arena. In the past five years, Dr. Rydock has coordinated and led to successful completion two EU-funded projects simultaneously. In doing so, he has encountered virtually every twist and challenge that the EU funding space can offer up, including an external ex-post financial audit. This experience has given him a trove of revealing nuggets to share about how the system works in practice, as well as a comprehensive approach for optimizing efforts and resource investment in the game, and ultimately, a new and potentially widely exploitable way of looking at the EU funding arena as a public good that should be more fully utilized by all European stakeholders who have a need to innovate.


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